School Brochure Printing - Strategic Plan Document MAC / MAT

School Brochure Printing

Strategic Plan Document MAC / MAT

We were recently asked to design a new style layout showing the strategic plan for a Multi Academy Company (MAC) in brochure format.  We already supplied other printed literature to the MAC including school newsletters, prospectus brochures, exercise books etc and continued the designs we had created throughout the new documents.  On approval of the proofs we cerated digital versions of the brochure and printed copies for distribution.
School brochure printing - strategic plan document

Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) are becoming an increasingly popular choice for schools seeking to work together to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. A critical element of any MAT is communication, both within the trust and with external stakeholders. Brochure printing can play a key role in this communication strategy, providing a tangible and effective way of sharing information and promoting the MAT's mission and values. In this blog post, we will explore the strategic plan for MAT brochure printing, and how it can help to support the trust's goals and objectives.

Firstly, MAT brochure printing can be used to promote the trust's mission and values to external stakeholders, such as parents, students, and potential partners. The brochure can provide an overview of the trust's ethos and objectives, as well as showcase its successes and achievements. A well-designed brochure can create a professional and positive first impression, and help to attract new students and partners to the trust. By providing a tangible and visually appealing representation of the trust's values and goals, the brochure can help to establish the trust's brand identity and reputation.

Secondly, brochure printing can help to ensure that communication is effective and consistent within the MAT. By providing a physical copy of the brochure to all staff and governors, everyone can be on the same page regarding the trust's mission, values, and strategic objectives. The brochure can also be used to outline the roles and responsibilities of each member of the MAT, ensuring that everyone understands their part in achieving the trust's goals. By promoting clear and consistent communication, the brochure can help to build trust and encourage collaboration within the trust.

Thirdly, brochure printing can be used to showcase the MAT's individual schools, highlighting their unique strengths and achievements. By providing information on each school, such as their curriculum, facilities, and extra-curricular activities, the brochure can help to promote the individual identities of each school while reinforcing their connection to the MAT. This can help to build pride and ownership among staff, students, and parents, while also helping to attract new students and partners to the trust.

Finally, brochure printing can help to support the MAT's fundraising and partnership initiatives. By including information on fundraising and partnership opportunities within the brochure, the trust can demonstrate its commitment to building strong relationships with external organizations. This can help to attract funding and support for the trust's projects and initiatives, while also encouraging partnership working to achieve common goals.

In conclusion, brochure printing can play a critical role in supporting the strategic plan of a Multi-Academy Trust. By promoting the trust's mission and values to external stakeholders, ensuring consistent communication within the trust, showcasing individual schools, and supporting fundraising and partnership initiatives, brochure printing can help to build a strong brand identity, encourage collaboration and support the achievement of the trust's objectives. By using brochure printing as part of its communication strategy, a MAT can build trust, attract new students and partners, and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering high-quality education to its students.

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