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Interior and exterior large format printing solutions for schools and colleges.

At The School Print Company, we love to create eye-catching designs for schools and seeing our designs reproduced all over schools in print and other items - we also love to see the designs displayed on the exterior of the school building in the form of school signs, finger posts, school banners and notice boards.  We can also produce exhibition style graphics for shows, or to display in the school reception as roll up banner, table cloths, poster graphics or wall-art.

From our years of experience within the industry we have partnered up with a leading specialist school exterior signage company who we will enlist to create the school signs you are looking for.

It is important to ensure the school exterior signage you have in place creates the right impression for your school. We are able to ensure that your exterior signage will look as you expect, with the colours, logos and any important aims or mottos from your school included. 

We can design and supply a full range of school signs to fit any style of school building, whether the graphics are fixed to a wall or fastened to new or existing ground posts. The school signage we can offer also comes with many different finishes including anti graffiti coverings.

School banner printing - roller banner pull up banner

Exterior Banner & Roller Banner


"We enquired initially about a new style school logo as our existing logo was created many years ago by a parent.  The School Print Company showed us many progressive designs and incorporated elements from the original logo within a fantastic new design.  The balance of new and old was perfect and everyone at our school has loved the new design. We then ordered school stationery, prospectus brochures, exercise books - all with our new logo.  Most recently we have ordered banners and exterior school signage which has transformed the exterior of our school."

Quote from a Headteacher

Signage, Banners & Posters

School signage and exterior banners play an instrumental role in creating an engaging and well-organised educational space. School signage, including entrance signs, directional markers, and informational boards, serves as a visual guide for students, staff, and visitors, enhancing navigation and ensuring a safe and efficient flow within the premises. Adorned with the school's logo and colour scheme, these signs contribute to a cohesive and proud institutional identity.

Complementing traditional signage, exterior banners emerge as dynamic communicators, conveying essential messages with flair. Whether announcing open days, celebrating achievements, or promoting events, banners strategically placed around the school exterior capture attention and generate enthusiasm within the community. Each school sign or banner is designed in a way with carefully crafted messages, fostering a sense of connection and community spirit.

Together, school signage and exterior banners contribute to a vibrant and visually appealing entrance to a school. They not only convey crucial information but also create an inviting atmosphere, fostering a positive learning environment. In the ever-evolving landscape of education, these elements serve as integral components, seamlessly blending functionality with the promotion of school pride and community engagement.


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