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Specialists in the design and print of school prospectus brochures and folders.

A school prospectus acts as the marketing and advertising material promoting your school to parents and prospective students within the surrounding area, it goes without saying the school prospectus needs to look stunning to provide the right first impression. We will handle the whole project - from initial prospectus style photography to watching the finished brochures roll off the printing presses for quality control.

Whether you already have a school prospectus in place that you are looking to re-vamp or you would like us to provide a new fresh approach to your school prospectus design, from previous client feedback we can confidently say that you are in safe hands with us. 

If you have a pre-existing colour scheme in place for your school then we will ensure that your school prospectuses fit in with the current branding whilst also standing out for the right reasons. Once we have mocked up your school prospectus we shall send you the design in PDF format for you to view. At this point we can make any changes that are required and once you're happy we will be able to carry out the high quality printing process for you.

We have over 30 years experience in photography, design and print and will ensure your prospectus is printed using the highest quality materials to compliment your school.
boy holding school prospectus with laminate on the cover
school prospectus printing cover fold

School Prospectus
Design & Print Examples

“The School Print Company were efficient and really accommodating in producing our sixth form course guide and prospectus. They were very quick to respond to queries and provide advice and delivery was rapid. We were very pleased with the professional design and quality of our final brochures all of which were printed and delivered on time - supplied with web and social media graphics for our digital prospectus.

We would be happy to work with the School Print Company again.

Quote from Oasis Academy Shirley Park

School Prospectus Lamination

The outer cover of your school folder or school prospectus brochure gives a great first impression of your school. We offer a number of lamination and varnish options to make any printed item stand out from the crowd.

school girl colour palette for prospectus print

Adding a lamination to the outer cover of any printed item, not only looks great but it can ensure the book can be in the best condition for longer. A laminated cover whether it be a gloss lamination or matt lamination will thicken the cover, protecting the spine and the corners of the cover. 

We have shown 3 different printed covers in the samples to the left.  The first sample shows a gloss laminated cover - which gives a thicker, shinier cover which can be wiped clean.  The second sample shows a matt laminated cover which is softer to touch and has a mat sheen, while protecting the cover.  Lastly we have shown a matt laminated cover with a spot UV gloss varnish - we are able to select some design elements - possibly photographs and a school logo and apply a gloss effect which makes these items stand out from the cover.

Whichever lamination you choose - the covers will be protected further and the covers will look great.

school prospectus brochure with spot UV varnish and matt lamination

Cover lamination options

"We are thrilled with the outstanding quality of our new school prospectus!

“The design perfectly encapsulates our school's recent rebrand, combining vibrant visuals with clear, concise information. The inclusion of our school logo and colours throughout maintains a cohesive brand identity, offering prospective students and parents an engaging glimpse into our school and grounds. The prospectus brilliantly showcases our academic programs, teaching qualities, and diverse extracurricular activities. The environmentally conscious printing choices reflect our commitment to sustainability. This prospectus isn't just a brochure; it's a compelling narrative that tells the story of our school. We are confident it will make a lasting impact and serve as a powerful tool in attracting students and parents alike, in our local area. Many thanks to the team for their creativity and dedication! Our new logo and brand identity, created by The School Print Company, really promotes our school - we will also be ordering school exercise books and other printed products.”

Quote from a Primary School

School prospectus printing is a crucial aspect of showcasing an educational institution's values, offerings, and ethos. A well-crafted prospectus serves as a comprehensive guide, offering prospective students and their parents insights into the school's unique features, academic programs, extracurricular activities, and overall educational philosophy.

The first impression matters, and the printed prospectus acts as the initial ambassador of the school's identity. Featuring a carefully designed cover that often includes the school logo, name, and an inviting image, it sets the tone for the reader's exploration. High-quality printing ensures that the visual elements are crisp and engaging, capturing attention from the outset.

Inside, the prospectus unfolds a narrative about the school, presenting information in an organised and aesthetically pleasing manner. Text is accompanied by vibrant images, providing a glimpse into the vibrant life within the school's walls. Consistent use of branding elements, such as the school's colours and logo, reinforces a cohesive visual identity throughout the prospectus.

Crucially, the prospectus serves as a valuable resource for parents and students navigating the decision-making process. It outlines academic offerings, faculty credentials, and details about facilities, giving readers a holistic understanding of what the school has to offer. Information about the school's mission, values, and commitment to fostering a positive learning environment contributes to building trust and credibility.

Choosing environmentally friendly printing options aligns with modern sustainability practices, reflecting the school's commitment to responsible and eco-conscious choices. The tactile nature of a printed prospectus also adds a personal touch, offering readers a tangible connection to the school's story and values.

In summary, school prospectus printing is a multifaceted process that extends beyond presenting information. It is an opportunity for schools to showcase their identity, values, and offerings in a visually compelling and informative manner, contributing significantly to the overall impression prospective students and parents have of the institution.


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