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'We provide bespoke logo design & brand development for schools all over the UK. Whether you want to expand on your pre-existing logo or you want to have a new logo created to fit in with the rebranding of your school, you are in safe hands with us.

To-date we have worked with a number of schools who have ran a competition for their pupils to create a new logo for their school. If you have carried out a similar competition then we will be able to re-create the winning logo design within illustrator and use the key elements of the design to create a stunning logo which the entire school can feel part of. 

Once the logo has been created we shall send the proof to you. If you are happy with it, we will finalise the design and then send you the completed logo in all formats and sizes available so you can use it as you wish. The logo design is fully licensed to you.

We would also like to mention that if you already have a logo you want updating or improving then we can also help you there. We can take your original design and make any adjustments you wish.

From previous client feedback we are confident that you won't be disappointed with coming to us for your logo design and brand design requirements. Please feel free to browse through our website to find out more about the services we provide.

Samples of School Logo Design & Brand Development

  • school-logo-academy-design-halebank-brand
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-10
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-11
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-12
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-13
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-14
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-15
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-16
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-17
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-18
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-19
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-20
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-21
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-22
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-23
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-24
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-25
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-26
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-27
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-28
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-29
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-3
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-4
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-5
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-6
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-7
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-7a
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-8
  • school-logo-design-brand-development-9

If you have any questions or to receive a quote for the logo design & brand development services we provide please contact us on 01702 464 150. We look forward to hearing from you.  



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