school-prospectus-design-ashgroveSchool Name:- Ashgrove Junior and Infant School
Project Details:-

To provide photography and design servie and produce a new school prospectus and stationery.

Following an initial biref, we visited the school and took a series of photographs for the new school prospetcus.  We also updated the school logo design so that it would appear crisp throughout the school brochure and all future projects including school signage, school exercise books etc ...

We supplied a series of design proofs until all members of staff at the school were happy with the finished results.  We printed and delivered the school prospectus brochures  along with school letterheads and other printed items, including school exercise books.

The order was delivered on time for a school open day. 






































The Curriculum

At Ash Grove School we believe that all children should have access to a lively and interesting curriculum. All aspects of the National Curriculum are taught, with much of our work stemming from first hand, practical experiences. We ensure that all children are equipped with the basic skills that they need and we provide as many experiences as possible to enrich the children’s learning, such as educational visits to places of interest or inviting specialists into school.

Interactive teaching methods are used and the use of ICT is integrated throughout the curriculum. Our computer network gives staff and children access to high quality ICT resources from everywhere in the school.

Teachers and support staff work together to provide work that is appropriate for each child. They may, for example, set different tasks within the same lesson or they may set a task which is open for children to interpret or develop at their own level. Pupils are assessed on a continual basis in school, so that the teacher and the child are both aware of personal achievements and the next steps that are needed in order to make progress. 

Children with Special Educational Needs

At Ash Grove School, we believe in supporting the individual needs of all children and all groups of children. Our work with pupils with special educational needs is part of this philosophy.

We have a policy of early identification and intervention for pupils with special educational needs. This ensures that support can be targeted towards children as soon as the need arises and hopefully, that we are reducing any problems that may occur later on if the child’s needs are not met.

Sometimes children are supported individually for a short while, sometimes they work as part of a group, but whatever methods are employed we aim to use levels of funding and our staff to best advantage in the pursuit of the greatest opportunities for all our children.

The Government has produced a Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs, which states the legal requirements regarding the responsibility for children with special needs. At Ash Grove School we follow the Code of Practice and meet all statutory requirements.

How successful have we been in implementing our policy?

At Ash Grove, we have a justifiably good reputation in the community and in the Local Authority for the way we support individual children and for our fully inclusive practices. Our teaching and support staff are all very experienced in supporting pupils with SEN and their needs are met well. We have also been successful in our policy of early identification over the last few years and we have been able to put extra support in to help children from the early years onwards, which is to the benefit of all children concerned.




school-prospectus-design-beaconSchool Name:- The Beacon C of E VA Primary School
Project Details:-

We believe that a prospectus needs to be designed to suit the individual needs of the school concerned, and we were very happy to be asked to produce a new prospectus for The Beacon. After our initial consultation, we arranged for a photographer to visit and upon approval of the photos to be used, our design team worked with the headteacher to produce this Matt finish booklet which includes their very eye catching "beacon" logo.  This logo was designed by us and is included throughout.  The school was very happy with all aspects of the work carried out for them.








































School Organisation 

As a smaller than average sized school, staff get to know children extremely well resulting in focused teaching and learning, with strong care, guidance and support. 

Our school has approximately 180 children aged from 4 - 11 years. These children are organised into year groups, generally with 30 pupils in each class. 

Within each class the children work in both ability and in mixed-ability groups ensuring all children are supported and challenged at a level which is appropriate for their ability. A full list of staff and Governors is included at the back of this booklet. 

The Extended School Day 

There are a wide range of activities and clubs that take place in lunchtime and after school. These may include computing, French, sports, music, art, construction and social clubs. Activities change on a termly basis in order to give children a wide range of experiences and opportunities. There are clubs for pupils in years 1 - 6. 

We have a breakfast club which opens daily from 8 am providing childcare, food and activities. This is manned by school staff on the school site. After school child care, until 6 pm, is also available. There is a charge for childcare clubs. 


School prospectus, school exercise books, school folders.

school-prospectus-design-belfairs-2012School Name:- Belfairs Media Arts Academy
Project Details:-


school-prospectus-design-bewseySchool Name:- Bewsey Lodge Primary School
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school-prospectus-design-corpus-christiSchool Name:- Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School
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Successfully working with schools, providing quality design and print, for over 18 years ...