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Thank you for your interest in Summerhill Primary School. For those parents who have children joining us for the first time, we welcome you and look forward to a happy and successful association throughout your child’s time at Summerhill. We are also pleased to continue in partnership with those parents who already have a child or children with us.

I have been lucky enough to be involved with Summerhill Primary School as Headteacher for over six years. It is a real privilege to work with such talented pupils and committed staff on a day to day basis. In our last Ofsted inspection in December 2009 we achieved a good grading with many outstanding grades and our aim now is to become an overall outstanding school within our community.

As a school, we are committed to creating a happy and vibrant community, where everyone feels valued, where students are stretched and supported academically and are given memorable experiences that excite them about learning for life.

We aim to build a strong relationship between home and school where trust, understanding and support form the basis of a shared responsibility for preparing children to be successful citizens in an ever-changing society. We have the highest expectations of all students in every area of the school life and our uniform and behaviour policy are strongly supported by governors, students, parents and staff and helps support our team ethos at Summerhill.

We welcome and encourage parents to play a full part in their child’s education and school life and you will find many opportunities to join us to talk about and to take part in your child’s journey through our school.

We hope you will find our school prospectus a useful introduction to the school and help make the time spent at Summerhill enjoyable and rewarding.

School Organisation

Summerhill Primary is a 4 form entry primary school which caters for pupils from 3 to 11 years old. Within each class the children work in both ability and mixed-ability groups ensuring all children are supported and challenged at a level which is appropriate for their ability.

School starts at 8.45am and we hope that all parents will encourage their children to arrive at school on time. We strongly believe that good timekeeping at this stage in life will lead to good habits.

All of our children are welcome to attend breakfast club which operates from 8.05am every day. There is a minimum charge of £1 for your child to attend breakfast club, however this £1 includes their breakfast. Unfortunately children are not admitted to breakfast club after 8.30am.

Healthy Mind and Body

During the school day the children will take part in many social skills activities such as wake up shake up, and peer massage. These activities encourage the children to play positively and to respect each other. During the morning break, many children like to eat a snack. As part of our Healthy Schools Initiative, we encourage children to eat healthily. The school sells toast, fruit and fruit juice at morning break times. Children are provided with a school water bottle when they start and water can be consumed at any time throughout the day. Fizzy drinks are not allowed. Neither are sweets. Children under 5 years old have free milk. Parents can buy milk for older children by paying for their child's milk half-termly in advance. Children in KS1 also receive free fruit daily.

There are a wide range of activities and clubs for the children to take part in throughout the year. Activities change on a termly basis in order to give the children a wide range of experiences and activities. Encouragement is given to children to take responsibility for themselves and others, contributing to school and community life through our school councils, buddies and prefect system.  School exercise books and posters are alost produced.