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On behalf of St. Augustine’s school community I would like to warmly welcome you to our happy, safe and caring learning environment.

At St. Augustine’s we take a holistic approach to education which focuses on developing the whole child with Christ at the centre of all we do.

We are committed to the partnership of home, school and Parish and through all parties working together our children will be sure of success. Through this joint commitment we welcome new members to our school to grow and work in the love of Christ as we live out our mission statement:-

‘We come to school to live and learn happily together by loving ourselves and each other as Jesus teaches us to’. 

In joining our school your child will be encouraged, motivated and guided to ensure that they develop their natural gifts and talents whilst becoming confident, independent learners who know how to make informed decisions about the choices they make in life.

I am proud to be the Headteacher of a thriving, learning community with supportive staff, governors and parents. If you would like your child to join our school and grow and learn in the love of Christ, please come and visit us. It is only by entering our school that you will see our Mission Statement in action.

I look forward to meeting you.  The school prospectus brochure was designed and printed by Gavin at The School Print Company.


Early Years Nursery and Reception 

Our Early Years Foundation Stage is an extremely well planned learning environment that promotes independent learning. To ensure our children make outstanding progress we deliver a good balance of child initiated and adult directed play where lessons and activities are varied, meaningful and stimulating for all learning groups. Through the use of continuous observations our experienced practitioners are able to identify learning opportunities within play and make decisions regarding a child’s next steps in learning. With the use of our exemplary indoor and outdoor provision our children can meet all the areas of learning and development which enable them to become explorers, problem solvers, creators and effective communicators. Through our strong partnership with parents we are able to work together to develop healthy and happy children who feel confident, safe and have a love for learning. 

Please see additional information enclosed with this prospectus for times of Nursery sessions. 

Key Stage one – Year 1, Year 2 

Building on the foundations of learning we continue to nurture children’s educational journey. At St. Augustine’s children are encouraged to achieve high standards in their daily Literacy and Maths lessons through the use of individual weekly targets which are reviewed and updated to ensure children take ownership of their learning in order to make significant progress. 

In addition to this we provide many opportunities to explore and develop pupils’ creative, physical, cultural, spiritual, personal and social skills. We provide a wide range of real and relevant learning experiences through a broad, enriched and differentiated curriculum and using our continual assessment and reporting procedures we are able to inform future learning steps to further prepare and develop our children towards the next part of their journey.  We use gloss laminated school exercise books supplied by The School Print Company.

Key Stage two - Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Moving into Key Stage Two at St. Augustine’s, children continue to remain engaged, inspired, motivated and sufficiently challenged. Through providing memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning our curriculum is very practical but carefully structured providing a balance of transferable skills to equip our adult learners of tomorrow. 

We believe passionately that Literacy, Maths, ICT skills and personal development - are crucial for enabling children to access a broad and balanced curriculum. Through our rigorous monitoring of pupil progress and promoting Gospel values in all that we do, we aim to create lifelong learners who are well equipped in transferring their knowledge and skills to the next phase of their learning journey.