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Mountnessing C of E Primary School
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On behalf of the school community, I would like to warmly welcome you to Mountnessing C of E Primary School and to our school prospectus.  We are a small village school and care very much for our pupils, as a pupil once said, ‘we are small, but we have big hearts’. You will see smiling faces and hear lots of laughter when you visit us, along with some excellent work in every part of our school.

We are very proud of Mountnessing C of E Primary School and the way in which everyone works together to make it a happy and caring place. We believe that every child should receive the best possible education and we foster a learning environment in which our children become responsible, thoughtful and independent individuals. Our school is very special in many ways. Our site is unique with a leafy lane separating our two school buildings. We have a lot of wonderful outdoor space which we use in our creative curriculum.  We like to use the personalised school exercise books.

We are a Forest School and our grounds and nearby forest area play a big part in helping the children learn to take risks, make sensible choices and to overcome challenges, all in a safe environment. We have high expectations of our children and believe that every child should have the best possible education and aspire to great things. We carefully support, guide and challenge our pupils as they progress on their learning journey through our school. Our Christian ethos runs through everything we do. These Christian values help to develop a family feel to our school and school exercise books. I feel lucky and very proud to be the head teacher of Mountnessing C of E School. We look forward to meeting you,

Forest School 

The children attending Mountnessing Primary School are able to develop a lifelong love and understanding of the natural environment, whilst developing confidence and social skills which will lead to a more positive outlook and the raising of self-esteem. The success of learning has been well documented and the experience has shown Forest School to be inspirational, opinion changing and challenging. 

It is personally and socially inspiring so laying the foundations for other learning. Unlike other forms of outdoor education which generally concentrate on team-building, challenging activities or competitiveness, the Forest School embraces an entirely different approach through the nurturing, support and development of the self-esteem of those taking part. We are very proud to have 3 Forest School leaders on our staff team. As a school we value the skills and techniques the children learn whilst at the forest. We have beautiful grounds and accommodate Forest School sessions on site, as well as being given a patch of local real woodland which we visit in our school minibus. 

Learning and Teaching 

At Mountnessing C of E Primary School our aim is to provide a curriculum that inspires and motivates our pupils. We know that when children are excited and engaged in their learning they make good progress. We also produce School Signage and posters.

We place a great importance on pupils being active participants in their learning and work together to ensure that they become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.  Please view our lovely school prospectus.

Subject matter and skills are taught through a topic themed approach. Work each term is organised carefully with the children’s ideas for what they would like to learn rooted in the planning. The children’s work is differentiated to meet the needs and challenge the pupils of every ability. The school has a positive attitude to including the needs of all children and we use any difference as a positive learning opportunity for our pupils. 

Our children are in 4 classes: