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Foundation Stage 

(Nursery and Reception) 

Nursery Classes 

We have a school nursery which is open to children from the age of three. All children attend on a part time basis and are present for the morning or afternoon session. There are 26 children in each session and their activities and learning are organised by a nursery teacher and a specialist teaching assistant. 

Admission to the Nursery class does not guarantee a place in the Reception class. Children do not have to attend the Nursery to get a place in the main school. 

Reception Classes 

Children are admitted in accordance with the Local Education Authority (LEA) admissions policy which currently allows children to enter the school in the academic year in which they become five years old. If the school is oversubscribed for the Reception year then the LEA criteria is used to allocate places. 

Other Years – For entry of older children please contact the London Borough of Sutton Education Office who will be pleased to help you. 

Preparation for school 

Before admission you will be invited to attend a welcome meeting to hear about the general organisation of the school. You can ask any questions about the school that you may have. 

We aim to make the transition to school from being at home or in the nursery as smooth as possible and we will arrange to visit you at home so you can share the wealth of information that you have on your child with us. 

Arrangements for transfer 

to secondary school 

The secondary schools arrange open evenings where parents and children can visit the school and meet staff in order to make informed choices about this stage. School exercise books can be shown to parents with gloss or matt laminated covers for protection. School prospectus brochures professionally designed by The School Print Company and school letterheads are also available.


Our policy on inclusion is that every stakeholder in the school community has a right to equality of opportunity and we aim to provide this irrespective of religious persuasion, ethnic origin, cultural or linguistic background, gender, social group or disability. We have a highly skilled team including nurture teaching assistants and a play therapist who are able to provide additional support for children and their parents. Indeed the basis of education at Manor Park Primary is to realise the positive role diversity has to play in society and to respect others. 


We actively promote positive behaviour using a range of strategies including rewarding children who follow our golden rules and rewarding good behaviour with fun Golden Time activities. The majority of children respond positively to the rewards and sanctions which are in operation across the school, although on occasions, informal conversations with parents are very effective in changing children’s behaviour as it gives them a clear message that we are working together. 

Persistent unacceptable behaviour will lead to further discussions with the Headteacher and parents where the next steps are agreed. Sanctions can include losing golden time, missing out on privileges and in more extreme cases children may be excluded, either for a fixed term or permanently. However, whatever the circumstances we always feel it is important the children understand it is their actions which we consider to be unacceptable, not the children themselves. 

School banners printed onto vinyl and school signage are available. School exercise books printed in many different vibrant colours.