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I wish you a warm welcome to King’s School. As head teacher I am very proud of our school and what it represents and achieves. The majority of our young people come from service families and we have an excellent reputation for supporting students effectively when they arrive, leave or during periods of deployment. 

We believe that students thrive when there are high expectations in terms of progress, attendance and behaviour. These beliefs ensure that students can reach their academic and personal potential. The quality of teaching and the relationships between staff and students are excellent. I look forward to you and your child experiencing all that is great about King’s.


Success and achievement

As a school we pride ourselves on achieving high quality examination results with our students and their parents. Our results are often above UK national averages and students are well prepared for the next stage of their education or training.

We believe very much in creating a culture of achievement and our rewards structure acknowledges all aspects of school life that lead to success. 

It is important that we encourage and acknowledge participation in sporting activities, school productions, musical events, charity work, mentoring fellow students or helping anyone in our school community. 

Students are rewarded for a whole range of behaviours that positively contribute to our community or an individual’s personal development. Our annual prize giving celebrates academic success and achievement throughout the year.



Our motto is ‘working together for success’ and we hope that we can build a productive partnership with parents/carers to ensure that together we can ensure that their child reaches their potential. The foundation for this relationship is the form tutor: throughout the year communications by telephone or e-mail are encouraged to ensure there is a shared responsibility for the progress of a young person.

We aim to keep you informed about your child’s progress through three written reports and an annual face to face meeting with your child’s tutor to enable you to get a holistic view of their development. There are also parent’s evenings with subject specialists in Yr 9, 10,11,12 and 13. You can also get a daily snapshot of your child’s progress by requesting a SIMS Learning Gateway account.

The King’s Parents Voice is a forum that has been established for those parents who would like to get involved in developing school policy and taking a more active role in suggesting ways that the school can be improved further. Please see the school website for more details.  School Exercise Books designed and supplied by the school print company.

Parents/carers should not hesitate to contact the school if they have any concerns. It is our wish that any issues are dealt with effectively and quickly.