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Our latest school printing leaflet focuses on logo design and branding for schools and academies. 

The leaflet design shows a recent project to design a new logo and theme for a new Multi Academy Trust. We supplied the executive headteacher with a series of maritime appropriate design ideas and over a short time developed a theme we could use for not only the Academy Trust but also we could develop to use a version for all schools within the Trust.
Careful attention and planning was paid to developing ideas for a logo that would work across all media.  It is important to consider how the logo design will look on a new school sign or printed banner.  We also have to plan ahead for school prospectus brochures, school folders and also school uniform designs.
We incorporated a maritime wave design to the initial design - which we were able to then develop for all schools with a colour change.
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 Once the executive committee were all happy with the Academy Trust Logo Design we were then invited to design logos for each school within the Trust.  Careful attention was placed on keeping some of the feel and history of each schools existing logo and branding - whilst creating a newer modern version of their logo in keeping with all other schools in the Trust.  Once complete our next task was to create stationery, letterheads, business cards - arrange exterior school signage and banners.

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