From Small Acorns

Specialist design and print for schools.

From a small acorn a large oak tree grows! You plant a seed in a child's mind and this is often enough to set them off along their chosen career path. We are always amazed when we visit schools whether it be nursery or secondary, at the wide range of activities there are for the pupils to take part it. With the emphasis currently being on healthy eating, many schools now offer their pupils a chance to 'grow their own', so the children not only get a chance to grow it, they can eat it as well. Many teachers encourage their students in involve their siblings and parents in their homework activities, creative art and reading being some of them. We at The School Print Company provide personalised homework books and reading records both ruled and plain for this very purpose. Being able to read and enjoying it is such an important part of a child's development and when done in a family environment it makes learning fun. Rewards for achievement and encouraging pupils are being used by many teaching staff, and we can provide personalised printed achievement postcards for this purpose. We also supply pens, pencils and pencil cases all printed with the school name.

The School Print Company is well respected for the high quality design and printing service that we have been providing for all age groups within the education system for the last two decades. We are able to provide everything from personalised pens pencils and pencil cases through to stationery, logos and an individually designed prospectus. We are fast approaching the final term of the current educational year when most schools are looking to update their branding in preparation for the coming year. To this end our personalised school exercise books, which can be adapted to cover every section of the school syllabus, are very popular with pupils and staff alike. We can supply these in various colours, rulings and number of pages, they are also available in different sizes. Our children are encouraged to read from a very early age from sitting in the reading corner with the teaching staff to practicing with parents and siblings at home. They are able to select books that interest them, discuss what they liked about the book and write about their findings. This practice is the basis for the pupil's future, as a reading child is a successful child.

Our school exercise books come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to suit a schools current logo, identity or brand.  The School Print Company specialise in rebranding schools, designing school logos, school stationery, school brochures and leaflets, school prospectus brochures and folders.

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