School Exercise Books and Diaries for Easter

Easter Holiday Reading

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, parents and grandparents will be wondering how to keep the younger members of their family amused and happy. Why not get them out and about in your local area and to keep a 'holiday diary'. This will encourage their observational skills as well as getting them to write about it afterwards.  

We offer a large range of school exercise books and can supply at all different sizes including A4, A5, 9x7 books and oversized A4 and slim spelling books as a special option.  Standard rulings include 8mm & 10mm ruled books with or without margin.  For maths we have 7mm, 10mm & 20mm squares.  Handwriting rulings are also popular to promote the correct size and spacing of letters and words.  For the creative children there are altearnate pages (blank pages, lined pages) so that pictures or diagrams can be drawn next to instructions or text.  One of our Maths school exercise book rulings can be seen below.

school exercise book rulings maths squares

We at The School Print Company are providing schools with a vast array of stationery, including their individually designed prospectus, a new logo and branding where required, letterheads, achievement cards, and a selection of school exercise books tailored to suit all subjects covered in the school curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to research their local area and write about their findings as "holiday homework". This can be fun for both pupils and their families as it teaches children not only what is going on in their local area, but also to put into words their findings.

Your local library is another good starting point for children's activities, usually with reading and other fun events to suit every age group. When we have met with pupils and teachers alike, their enthusiasm to complete projects like this was inspiring. We have supplied personalised school exercise books, including the pupils homework diary, to hundreds of very satisfied schools throughout the country and beyond.


We specialise in supplying a quality product to budget and on time.

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