Full Colour Bespoke School Exercise Books

Gloss Laminated Jotters


One of our most popular specialist printed products are our range of full colour bespoke exercise books.  If you are looking for a quality finish and a cover deisgn to promote your schools brand and identity then these books are for your school.

We can design and print the books to any size and can include rulings and squares to help your pupils take notes and complete their daily work in many subjects.  We use the best quality papers to print both the covers and inside pages and each book is bound using toughened staples to secure the pages.  Typically full colour covers are gloss laminated and allow for teachers to write childrens names on the covers using a permanent marker or using a plain sticker.  The lamination allows for the covers to be wiped clean and also strengthens the covers to prolong their life.

school exercise book full colour bespoke laminated 

We ofetn hear from teachers and parents that children take better care and treasure a bespoke exercise book.  They are a great reflection of the schools branding and vision and can show off a colour scheme or logo.  They can be designed to match an existing school folder, prospects or website.   With this in mind, only the best papers and cards are used to produce the finished product.  We have the option of many different papers to suit each individual enquiry.  From the initial conversation with the teacher we can identify which products are to be used.  These are a great asset to any classroom and for any subject.  We can tailor the internal rulings and designs to suit a vast range of subjects.

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