Whether your school is looking to promote the curriculum and facilities that the school can offer prospective students in and around the area, or you are looking for internal posters to promote school values, mission statements or educational messages you will want to ensure you invest in quality printed posters which will not fade, crumple or give the wrong message. Poster printing can be in full colour, glossy or matt and dependent on your preference you can choose the size - The School Print Company specialise in designing and school poster printing to meet your requirements. Artwork can be supplied or you can work with the team of designers to discuss a brief and details of what you want to include – the designers will then create concepts for you to review and once approved can be printed ready for use!

With over 15 years’ experience in helping schools throughout the UK with design and printing, The School Print Company can offer a wide range of services from photography at your school to high quality print work, all at affordable prices. The small, dedicated team are able to work with school, nurseries and colleges on each and every design and print project to create outstanding work and ensure perfect results.

If you would like to find out more about school poster printing please visit http://www.theschoolprintcompany.co.uk/

Successfully working with schools, providing quality design and print, for over 18 years ...