Keeping your school's reports, prospectuses, presentations and leaflets in order can be a tough task. However, school folders can provide the ideal solution. Many schools across the UK hire The School Print Company to design and print high-quality folders that meet their needs and budget. The company has over 15 years' experience of providing various print solutions and the team possesses the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to offer an exceptional service to each and every client. As well as designing and printing school folders, the firm also offers prospectuses, achievement cards, school calendars and exercise books.  

Folders to Fit with your Brand

The School Print Company knows that the branding of your school is crucial and should be at the heart of everything you do. Your brand embodies everything about your school, including its heritage, aims for the future, ethos and character. As such, the team endeavour to design and print folders and other materials that fit perfectly with your school's brand. We will produce a school folder design and print for your school, vibrant in colour. The design of your school's folders can include images of your school's pupils, your school grounds, your logo and text or anything else of your choice. To find out more about The School Print Company, visit the website today.   

Successfully working with schools, providing quality design and print, for over 18 years ...