School folders are an efficient way to organise a number of different documents. Whether its school reports, a prospectus, leaflets or mailshots, folders provide a highly personalised way to gather information together. This makes the whole process of paper-led events, like school tours, much tidier.

Using photography on school folders make them more than just a tidy way to gather paperwork in one place. It will help promote the image and everyday life of your institution. There are many different types of photos appropriate for such folders: those of pupils working, the schools’ best facilities, sporting events, musical activities and much more. Whatever images you’re looking to use, you’ll want them to look as slick and professional as possible.

Do you need school folder photography? Want images to fit in perfectly with the branding of your school? Simply head to The School Print Company. We enable you to customise school folders in every way, from its shapes, images, style, text and logo. Our folders also come in many different sizes, with various different pocket sizes.

After designing your folders, we create mock up samples in digital format. This will ensure you are 100% pleased with the finished design before going ahead.

For samples of school folders, simply click here.

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