Are you looking to purchase school banners online? A great school banner can be used to herald any event-whether it’s for a school fete, as a sign welcoming parents to an open day, or to advertise your lunch-time charter, a professional looking banner can make any school look instantly reputable. When looking to purchase school banners online, you want to find ones which are colourful, well-printed and cost-effective.

One of the best places to purchase school banners online is The School Print Company. We have been working with schools for over 15 years to provide top quality printing services, on budget and on time. Our dedicated team can create a wide range of different banners to suit your individual needs, including both Pull-up and Canvas/Vinyl Banners.

Both our Canvas Banners and Pull-up Banners will ensure your school stands out for all right reasons. Serving as great communication tools for a variety of information, any images or text you wish to include will look of the highest quality.  Our eye-catching picture panels and impeccable printing means visitors, staff and children won’t be able to miss taking a peek at your banner. Easily assembled and free-standing, they can be situated in any location of your school.

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Successfully working with schools, providing quality design and print, for over 18 years ...