What do we mean when we use the term branding? Well consider the big brands that you know – Cadburys, Heinz or Kellogg’s – they are synonymous with quality, consistency and create a feeling of trust. One of the leading examples of branding and an attempt to rebrand is Skoda – once associated with a cheap end of cars, unreliable and unpopular, when the company was purchased by Volkswagen – a name associated with quality cars and excellent technology – they put a significant investment into re-launching the brand and overhauling the old image. For many people the brand has changed in how it is perceived but for others the process will take much longer!

If you are in charge of marketing for a school, college or nursery you will want to ensure the school branding design gives a clear and appealing image of the establishment.  From the school logo to type face to lay out of the prospectus, if you are looking to brand as a high quality school and include your key messages you will need to have clear guidelines for communication of your branding. 

If you are looking for help with school branding design or rebranding, The School Print Company can help!. With over 15 years’ experience in helping schools throughout the UK with design and printing, The School Print Company can offer a wide range of services including working with you to build branding guidelines to promote the key messages about your establishment!

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