Over the past decade the form of promotional materials change significantly – whereas once we relied on printed materials such as brochures, folders and leaflets, times have changed. Alongside budget restrictions and environmental concerns over excess printed matter and use of paper, technology has come on in leaps and bounds and communication channels have altered. The internet is a growing medium for sharing information, research and communication – if you are looking for information on any topic from shopping through to schooling for your children your first port of call would be to research on the internet for details, reviews and others experiences. In this day and age everyone needs a website – in the case of schools a well-designed, accurate website can enhance the reputation of the school.

The School Print Company can now offer website design services for your school, not only can they design the website to match your school themes but can upload all content and include images and designs from your own school. If you have videos or multimedia files they can be included and content can either be written by their team or provided by the school.  Once complete you will own the website outright and if you require help uploading further content they School Print Company will be only too pleased to help.

If you would like to find out more about School Website Designers please visit http://www.theschoolprintcompany.co.uk/

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