People nowadays use business cards for all sorts of reasons and whilst they aren’t usually associated with schools we at The School Printing Company think they should be, the reason for this? Because they are affective.  Pure and simple. The alternative is just to hand them a piece of scrap paper with your hand scribbled details on. However your newly made contact probably isn’t going to appreciate waiting around whilst you do so.  Furthermore once you give them this piece of paper there is a high possibility they will lose it or even throw it away.

Having your own school business cards would therefore go a long way to resolving both of these issues. Firstly, you wouldn’t need to stop and write your details down so your contact will no longer have to wait and secondly, when your contact finds your details laid out professionally on a well designed, effectively designed business card the chance of them throwing it away is greatly reduced. Your card will then act as a reference point should they need to contact you in the future.

Having worked with a number of schools for over 15 years we know the importance of building lasting relationships so why not start now by stocking up on some school business cards?  For more information and to obtain a quick quote feel free to call us on 01702 464150 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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